Letter To a Free Man

My friend,

You did not hear from me in a while. This was not because you are out of my heart, nor was it because you were out of my mind. No, it was because your persuit of freedom threatens to come at my own expense, and I see that as a crime. I have only now taken the time to explain, because only now do I feel that I understand.

You may think that proper freedom lies in the possibility to do and acquire without limit, that there should be no need for effort or restriction to obtain what you want, other than the restriction that, to yourself, you can justify that you should have it. It does not lie in that. To accept this kind of “freedom” only means that you become an instrument. You become instrumental in dealing out the opposite to others: your effortless existence puts the burden of providing that which you want to be provided with on others. That you may be free in this way only means that you have become part of the leverage that is needed to put this burden on them.

Your part in this leverage is what sets you “free”: your capital, your assets. The more of this you have, the harder it will be to come by for others, and the more effort will be required of them to make use of it, to provide not only for themselves, but also for you, and for others like you that have this leverage over them.

The means by which you do this are granted you by other men: means such as money and property rights, the ways to acquire them and the right to seek rent for them. These means are the tools by which others have given you “freedom”, or the opportunity to be free in this way – that is: to be the instrument that carries out this design, these mechanics to burden others. It is important to understand that no system that aids one man in burdening another exists by chance. You are being used, my friend.

You were given the opportunity to benefit from the hardships of your fellow man, and you took it. You were given this opportunity by other men, who have designed, and maintain this system of leverage. Your part in it pales in comparison to theirs, as they have gained so much leverage through their system that it outweighs any other’s. You exist to do their bidding, to speak their opinion, in which you hold a stake. For, in return you may continue to obtain what you want, without strain.

So, you see, there is no freedom in this. There is no freedom in acquiring things if it requires you to leverage a burden on others. There is no freedom in leisure if it depends on the hardships of others. And there is no freedom in carrying out the bidding of men that have power over you. And they do.

Their leverage burdens not merely any single man, but the largest institutions of the world. You are at their mercy. And should they see fit to use their leverage on you and on others like you, to reclaim the leverage that they have provided, when it no longer serves their purposes that you have it – and surely that is their goal, as their system progresses to burden many, and privilege few – then maybe you will ask yourself if you have ever been free.

Until such time, please understand that I am telling you this as a friend, not to insult you or to cause you grief, but to further your awareness, with the hope that you may use it to gain your proper freedom as a man.

With love,