How are we going to help you? What specific aspects of the organisation will we target? What tools will we use? We can’t tell you that without knowing some details about the strategic context and day to day operations in your organisation. That is why we like to start with a quick-scan of the organisation:

  1. A brief interview with you and possibly some key people in the organisation, covering some basic points about your strategy and organisational effectiveness. This will provide focus for us to perform a…
  2. …thorough review of all the elements and processes that are effectively generating the results that you enjoy today. This may take one or two weeks and it will yield a report on areas for improvement and a proposal to improve on those areas. For free.

That’s right, no fees yet, just an assessment of how we can help, in what timeframe, with what ROI. Because we like to measure returns, and we commit to delivering them.


Then, if you like our proposal, we can make it happen. We do this in three steps:

  1. THINK: Validate our first findings, to gain broad support for necessary changes; design the solutions and implementation plan; prepare to…
  2. DO: Make the changes; train and coach the people; start generating results.
  3. SUSTAIN: Validate the improvements; provide hands-on support to your people; hand over any and all developed tools; prepare to leave you to it.

Questions? Let us know: